Dead Sea

The Dead Sea from most parts of the earth decline is situated majestically and quietly at a point 400 meters below sea level and the intensity of the concentration of salts and minerals in it, you can not notice any form of organic life in the waters, but the factors of his death is precisely that was used during the treatment centers to make it vibrant forms of life, recreation and fun. Dead Sea wealth task, a godsend for Palestine It’s a treasure water cures many diseases and air in his area, he is a real treat and an outlet for man and the beauty of nature, and it is beautiful in a matter of psychology. The Dead Sea water contains a proportion of salts and concentrated magnesium and calcium has been confirmed by numerous studies and analyzes of the Dead Sea water salinity as the most in the world and weighs a qualitative high density unmatched in the world. The black volcanic mud contains many salts and minerals, especially silicon and halogen Black Valtin more useful Fei UV absorption. All Dead Sea Products containing these salts and minerals that play an essential role on each end, and all of them give effective results. Sodium: working on the balance of the body and improves permeability, when he enters the skin generates a sense of flexibility, ideal for dry skin. Magnesium: a natural substance antioxidant and facilitate the process of water absorption of the cell, in the center of the Dead Sea incredibly 15 times greater than other seas, which is essential for cell metabolism, and also acts as a natural antihistamine. Potassium improves the oxidation and regulates the electrical silat of the muscles and nervous system of any metal is very effective to tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles. Iodine: essential in the production of the hormone Althairoxin and iodine is also a vital component of energy and metabolic processes in the cell. Chlorine is very important to maintain the right balance in the body and is very important in the metabolic processes in the cell. Bromide: the elements to help effectively rested cells, skin and muscle, the concentration of bromide 50% larger in Dead Sea salts resulting from materials that fall under the name of convenience factors. Calcium strengthens the cell wall and cleans stomata and anti-allergic. Zinc is an important factor in the regulation of enzymes for cell proliferation. The fact that we are seeking to translate excellence through creations of nature Because the nature of creative and clever …….. Because creativity feature cherish What we have created is worth ….. use through Golden Line Palestine